2014 Campaigns


Cannabis law reform won on the ballot in Hazel Park in the August primary with 63% in favor, and in Oak Park with 53%. Oak Park was too close for comfort, but so many people had told us we were going to lose. These victories were made possible by the incredibly dedicated Andrew Cissell and Debra Young.

At the moment of this writing, we still have a couple of court battles going on, but local leaders in 11 Michigan cities have officially qualified for the November 4 ballot.

It is a legalization question that we are putting on the ballot this year- legalization by exemption. The marijuana laws of the city stay in place, except that if you have one ounce or less and you are 21 years old and you are on private property, you are exempted from the law.

This petition was created by Tim Beck, and approved by the Michigan Supreme Court.

On the ballot for November 4 we have: Saginaw, Frankfort, Pleasant Ridge, Harrison, Clare, Mt. Pleasant, Berkley, Huntington Woods, Port Huron, Lapeer and Onaway.

We already have four or five cities ready for 2015.

If you live near one of the cities above please write a well worded letter to the editor to a local newspaper.

Please do this! We have no money to run campaigns.

We plan to win in every city and it is imperative that we win in every city. Patriotic Michigan voters have both intelligence and compassion; they believe in liberty and justice for all, and the great majority of them are totally finished with supporting cannabis prohibition.

All we do is give the voters a voice. In a democracy, government is supposed to heed the voice of the voters, and public policy is supposed to reflect what they say at the polling place.

Michigan Cities Sized Up For Local Marijuana Initiatives In 2014

There were five in 2012 and three in 2013, and Michigan marijuana law reform leaders promise to continue the trend of passing ballot initiatives in Michigan cities in 2014.

Why not? The record of success in these local initiatives is a perfect 14 – 0.

Although local leaders do the bulk of the work to pass local initiatives, all three 2013 success stories- and all but one of the 2012 ballot proposals- were initiated by the Safer Michigan group. Led by veteran political operatives Tim Beck of Detroit and Chuck Ream of Ann Arbor, the Safer group’s leadership has been bolstered by the addition of Justin Soffa.

Beck and Ream were among the interviews conducted during the year’s first episode of the Planet Green Trees Internet radio broadcast, Michigan’s premiere radio show covering medical marijuana topics. Host and attorney Michael Komorn introduced Ream by saying, “He has been advocating for marijuana reform forever.” Komorn called him the “mastermind… in utilizing the ballot initiatives to pass legislation to reform or decriminalize, in some capacity, marijuana.”

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Original Dozen Campaigns

City Population
Saginaw 50790
East Lansing 48579
Port Huron 30184
Oak Park 29319
Mt. Pleasant 26016
Hazel Park 16422
Lapeer 8841
Utica 4757
Clare 3118
Harrison 2114
Benzie County 17525
Frankfort 1286
Onaway 880

Still to Finalize

City Population
Portage 46292
Berkley 14070
Huntington Woods 6238
Pleasant Ridge 2526
Grosse Point Park 11555

Campaigns whose main contact is Tim Beck

Phone: 313.881.8995
Saginaw, Port Huron, Oak Park, Hazel Park, Lapeer, Berkeley, Huntington Woods, Pleasant Ridge, Gross Pointe Park

Campaigns whose main contact isChuck Ream

Phone: 734.395.0811
East Lansing, Mount Pleasant, Utica, Clare, Harrison, Frankfort, Onaway, Portage